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Sony keeps analog Walkman alive with new Features

Analog tape/cassette players just don't disappear because CDs and MP3 developed. There is still a lot of software, cassettes that is, around. Still cheaper than anything else. So it made sense for Sony to come up with a new Walkman!   Will we see it crossing the Pacific?

The WM-WE1 Walkman - Technical Marvel                          

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The remote control actually shows what the tape unit hidden somewhere in your purse or backpack is doing, while at the same time the earbuds connect directly to it - slightly improving the handling when compared to the 20th Anniversary Walkman, which basically consisted of three parts - tape unit, remote control, and headset.

We like this type of repackaging to make something we all know for years, attractive to buy again, or even upgrade - despite being a "tape player."

It adds a convenience factor we would like to see implemented on other devices such as CD, MP3, and MD players.

Available:   Now        Only in Japan

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