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What are we About
Our name defines our company mantra - GadgetCentral, the central reference space and absolute authority for your "Gadgets" on the web. We will bring this category together. We will make you think, "I never knew that existed," and we will be the answer to your question, "where can I get it."

We will bring you:

  • Product Introductions and Availability
  • Technology News and Trends
  • Product Reviews from a User's Point of View (not a rewrite of the product's users manual or the product's introductory press releases.)

Our goal is to help you find your next, new gadget that makes your life and your job easier and your daily chores more fun. We want you to explore ways to get your hands onto these new "tools", try them out, and ultimately put them on your shopping or wish list - and if you don't know the meaning yet, we will make you familiar with the term "technolust."

Our Mission
Our mission is to grow this site into the best, devoted Gadget place on the Web for technology, equipment, and pure indulgence into the latest techno-gadgets.

With your help, soon we will become the only place you'll want to go to get all the details about the latest in cutting-edge gear, gizmos, and gadgetry of all sorts.


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