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Air Magic Wireless Headset for your Cell Phone
Updated: 5/16/2000

Stay legal with the first true Wireless Headset for the mobile professional crowd.

Sick, tired and scared of trying to keep your cell phone on your ear while trying to keep your car on the road, getting dirty looks from other drivers as you have the phone jammed up to your ear, or that the power and frequencies emitted from your cell phone could have a long term effect on your brain cells?

Here is the first hands-free and wireless headset to the cellular phone market that might just eliminate all of the above.

Called the Air Magic, this lightweight device comes in two pieces: - an ergonomically stable, ear mounted headset with 2-way transmitter, speaker and noise-canceling microphone (see picture), - and a car base station that plugs into the automobile's cigarette lighter and your phone (via 2.5mm plug.)

The headset can be con-figured for wear on either the left or right ear.

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Air Magic Headset

An optional wearable base station unit with a belt clip is planned to be available at a later time for using the Air Magic in other places than your car, where you don't want to miss its convenience.

- Compatible with:
   CDMA, TDMA, GSM and
   analog phones with
   2.5mm headset plug
   (use adapters for other

- Frequencies
   Receive: 0.46 MHz
     Transmit: 1.8 MHz
     Electromagnetic induc-
     tion (low power) technology
- Range: 5 feet
    Compare to cell phone:
    Frequency: 800MHz and up
    Range to cover: a mile and up

- Headset uses a Ni-Cd
- Extra button cell is
  charged in car base
  unit to ensure availa-
  bility of fresh battery
- Talk Time: 3-4 hours
- Auto sleep mode to
  extend battery life

- Colors:
   black, silver, blue

Pricing for Car-based
   Retail $109.95

Availability:   Mid May
                     (U.S. only)

(Note: Belt Station is planned for September release.)

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