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C-Pen 200 & 600

A Swedish Treat for Road Warriors

Ever come across a printed article while on the road that you want to save for posterity?

The C-Pen from C Technologies in Lund, Sweden might just be the gadget to help you out.

By clicking a trigger button on it's side, the Pen allows you to capture printed text as you glide the device over the text on the page just like a color highlighter. The text is stored in the device's memory and displayed on either a four-row (C-Pen 600) or two-row (C-Pen 200) LCD display. The clips can be transferred to a PC, laptop, or Palm Pilot using the built-in infrared port.

In C-Direct mode one can transfer the scanned text directly to the cursor position in a Microsoft Word document or Excel spreadsheet. When the C Pen comes close to your IR-equipped PC, it is recognized as a standard drive! How about an "extra" 3,000 pages of text in your C Pen.


The C-Pen's Modus Operandi


 C-Pen 200 and C-Pen 600

Here are some of the performance characteristics for the two versions:

  Processor: 100 MHz for both
  RAM:          512 Kb for both
  Flash Memory:
     2 MB for C-Pen 200;
     6 MB for C-Pen 600
   Page Capacity:
     100 for C-Pen 200;
     2000 for C-Pen 600
  Address Capacity:
     250 for both models

Availability:    today

    C-Pen 200 - $169.99
    C-Pen 600 - $249.99

  Both the C-Pen 200 and 600
  make use of two AAA batteries
  that provide 3-4 weeks normal

C Pen 600

And for those of you with Palm Pilots or who use Microsoft Outlook, the C-Address application allows you to scan a business card and beam all of the card information into either the Palm's Address Book and from there to Outlook or other PIM's. The card information is automatically synchronized into the correct data fields, so there is no fussing with rearranging the address inputs.

For international travelers, the 600 model includes an optional C-Dictionary application that allows you to highlight a selected word from a scanned document and translate from English to either French, German, Italian, Spanish or Swedish, or as a reverse translation. The two-way translation dictionaries are available via a download from C Technologies' at www.cdictionary.com site.

Finally, both the 200 and 600 offer the "C Write" function that allows you to write characters by utilizing the Pen as you would an ordinary ballpoint pen. Using the Palm Graffiti writing technique, C-Pen can follow its own movement over a surface and recognize the movement as a letter or numeral for data entry. This allows you to either directly input letters or numerals to memory, or make edit changes to text already entered into the C-Pen.

For more information, visit the C-Pen site at www.cpen.com.

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