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There is a PIM on your Wrist!
   Casio's PC Unite


Announced at the same time as the Wrist Audio Player (CES 2000) the Casio PC Unite BZX20x PIM Watch synchronizes with your Cassiopeia™ and Microsoft® Outlook™ database on your PC.

The new PC UNITE BZX-20 and BZX-20D are equipped with the popular infrared capabilities, plus enhanced PC synchronization functions.

The PC Unite Watch

Text browser
- A built-in text browser lets you store up to 8,200 characters of text to take along anywhere for instant lookup whenever you need it..

Built-in infrared Port
- After installing the bundled PC link software for Windows on your computer, you can exchange data with PC-UNITE quickly and easily. If your PC already has an IrDA port, you can communicate with PC-UNITE without an infrared adapter. If your computer does not have an IrDA port, you can communicate using the infrared adapter that comes bundled with PC-UNITE.

Data compatible PIM Functions
- PC-UNITE comes with a collection of powerful PIM functions, including Schedule, Contact, and a To Do list. A data sync feature compare the data stored in the watch and the data stored on your computer with the bundled PIM application and updates both with the newest version.

This means you can input data on you computer and download it to PC-UNITE, recall and edit the data on PC-UNITE when away from your desk, and update your main records when you get back, all with the a few simple button operations.
1.Schedule ... For storage of the year, month, day, time, and description of appointments. An alarm sounds to remind when an appointment has arrived.
2.Contact ... For storage of up to six phone numbers (phone, cell phone, fax, etc.), and e-mail addresses.
3.To Do List ... For storage of the year, month, day, time, and priority of tasks and important events.

Technical Facts:
Dimensions: 50.1 x 36.8 x 13.8 mm
Communication Speed: 115,200bps
Communication Distance: 20cm maximum

CPU: Custom 4-bit CPU Data
Memory: Approximately 24KB
Timepiece Display Characters:
   Alphanumeric characters, symbols
Display Elements:
   Upper: 48 x 10 dots,
   Lower: 12 digits LCD
  Type: TN Characters per Screen: 16

: Now

Price:   $ 99 to $129 depending on wrist band at the Casio Online Store, where you also find the complete set of specifications

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