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Casio's Wrist Camera
APR-3-2000 (updated for sourcing 01/01/01)

Announced at the same time as the Wrist Audio Player (CES 2000 in January,) Casio's Wrist camera poses a "problem" for the connected gadgeteer: what do I wear?

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The display is used as a viewfinder when recording images, and for image playback. Three different modes can be selected when recording an image:

 - the Normal Mode records the 16-level
   grayscale images that appear on the
   display screen.
 - The Art Mode allows for producing
    two-tone images, and the
 - Merge Mode combines two different
    images into a single image.

After an image is recorded, you can input up to 24 characters (12 characters in the upper line; 12 characters in the lower line) of memo text. A relatively simple manipulation of buttons allows you to input alphabetical characters or numbers so that you can record a person's portrait along with their name and telephone number.

An infrared data transfer function allows for the exchange of images with a computer that is equipped to receive IR data. Upload and download of images to and from your computer for editing and archiving, is supported.

While meeting with another wrist-cam "wearer", exchange od images is made possible via a proprietary Casio IR exchange technology. And to reaffirm that this is a truly versatile gadget, the Wrist Camera incorporates basic watch functions such as current time, five alarms, a timer and a stopwatch.

Technical Facts:
The device is designed to minimize battery power consumption and to facilitate easy battery (CR2032) replacement. Approximate battery life is six months, "assuming" about 60 seconds of camera operation per day. An Auto Power Save feature automatically turns power off whenever it detects that the Wrist Camera is not being worn on the wrist.

Screen Resolution: close to 120 x 120 pix
Weight: a little bit more than 1.1 ounces
Dimensions: 1.57 (W) X 2.05 (H) X .63 (D)

Availabilty: Good gadget stores AND JC Penney.

Price: about $199

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