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In the middle of Silicon Valley, three blocks away from Apple's Infinite Loop, six blocks away from HP, three blocks from Symantec, two blocks from the closest Beard Papa's.

Best places to go as of 5/15/09:

Movies: at the AMC Cupertino Square (will have IMAX in June)
- Angels & Demons
- Star Trek

Eating Out: Red Crane
Beer: BJ's right next to Apple (no - Steve's not there)
DIY: Lowe's in Santa Clara

Things to Get:

Car: Tesla or Fisker!
Realisticly: Prius ready for Battery Upgrade
For fun: Aptera or that $10K Bike
Phone: iPhone 3.0
Solar Panels on the Roof
PG&E to buy SolarCity

What's Out:

- Normal Phones
- Land lines
- GM: the only company where the plastic they use inside the cars looks like plastic!
AND, they could have had a 10-year EV car history.
- people who don't understand that the US car industry is not having a Problem - it's Detroit!
- Banks that sit on the Money they got from US!
- Unions that have corrupt management. Little people that can't see the big picture anymore!
- Lobbyists and bloodsuckers!
- People who believe Wind and Solar power does not work for the country because "it's not always windy" and "the sun doesn't shine at night."
- Shortening the school year for our kids!
- Teachers and parents who would let that happening.

What's In:

- No Term Limits - we need experienced guys up there. If they scewed up - we won't re-elect them. Plain and simple.
- Smart, common-sense Politicians: those guys who will make the decisions we elected them for. People who work for us (U.S. of A.), get results, and therefore get re-elected.
- Non- Partisanship !
- Can Do Attitude



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