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>> Update: APRIL-16-2009 <<

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The Way it was in 2002

CyberGenie revived!
A Virtual "Genie"

CyberGenie Virtual Personal
Phone Assistant

One could say, "back by popular demand!" Though the story is a little different. A diehard, core usergroup is re-establishing what seems to be the ultimate phone solution for "the rest of us". Disappointed by the early demise of the CyberGenie more than a year ago they revived the "spirit", got their hands on the remaining hardware.

Product Category:
Phones for SOHO and up (with Add-ons)

Winning a design award at the CES 2000 in Las Vegas in January this "system" hit "the road running". Since then the Cygnion Corporation "CyberGenie" CG2400 Virtual Personal Communications Assistant has become the perfect answer for either those working out of a home office - or a small business, who wants to solve its communications needs without incurring the additional cost of an assistant to answer company phones.

Comprising a base station, one Digital Cordless Handset, and the Cyber@Work software package, the system employs a standard PC to answer incoming calls with a personal greeting, along with managing the distribution and delivery of incoming messages to intended recipients.

The advanced speech recognition is also used to initiate calls by name or set up a conference call, without the need to touch any buttons on either the computer or cordless handset. Through its remote message notification feature, CyberGenie will alert you when either new voice mail, e-mail or faxes have been received, even when not within range of the system.

The stationary CyberGenie base station plugs into the USB port of a computer and a telephone line, and is configured as an expandable two-line system.

Key Features

- 2.4 GHz Digital Spread
- Up to 9 addit. Handsets
   (max. 10 handsets)
- 20 individual mail boxes

- Speech Recognition
- Voice Controlled
- Reads to Caller/Owner:
     E-Mail,  Voice Mail
     Fax Headers

- Makes calls on command
- Sets up conference calls

- Supports Caller ID
- Call Log Reporting

PC Requirements:
- CPU - 233 MHz
  (300 MHz recommended)
- Memory - 64 MB
  (128 MB recommended)
- Connection: USB
- OS: Windows 98, 2000
   and XP compatible
- MS Outlook 97, 98,
  2000 and XP


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