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A Robot is knocking on your Door.


Product Category:  House/Robotics

It's getting there. The potential is visible.
For the Gadgeteer who's in charge of certain chores around the house or office, here is the perfect "device".

There are a few more accessories available for the Base Unit. The CYE is programmed via your PC (sorry Mac Gadgeteers) and the command list is transmitted via radio frequencies to the CYE.

We got the CYE-sr package and we are planing a full review to be ready in a couple of weeks. So stay tuned in.

For further information, specifications, accessories and more, visit the CYE Web site.

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The CYE Base Unit

- Being "the first one on
   the Block to have a Robot!
- Who actually does work
  around the house/office!

CYE-sr Package   $995

         The CYE Base
         Cordless Vaccum
         Map-N-Zap Software
         and a T-Shirt for
         you, The CYE's

Available:  now

Where to buy:

Check out and buy on the
CYE Web site


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