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A Digital Wallet in your Pocket...


Hey guys…it's time to dump those dog-eared and fading photographs from the cracked and hazy plastic slip pockets of your bulging leather wallet. A new product from VideoChip Technologies in Menlo Park, California promises to bring you into the 21st Century with its new generation "Wallet."

The Digital Wallet

Weighing about 11 ounces and a modest 5 inches tall by 3-¾ inches wide, the Wallet accepts a standard CompactFlash memory image card to allow for displaying digital photographs, presentations or graphics.
No direct computer interface is required. All you do is slide in the memory card, and then advance or back up to display the desired digital image. Images can be rotated automatically or manually to present either a portrait or landscape view of the image.


 - File formats supported include JPEG and BMP.
 - Display type is LCD AMTFT with a 2.36" high
   and 3.16" wide (4" diagonal) viewable area.
 - 24 bit color with 320 (H) x 240 (W) resolution

The Wallet is powered by two 3-volt Lithium batteries that provide about 3 hours of powered operation. A 110 volt 60 Hz AC adaptor is included for powering the device directly from a wall socket.

Perfect for directly displaying any photographs taken by a digital camera or digital images downloaded from the Web.

Availability: since February 2000
Price: $349

For further information, visit VideoChip's website at www.videochip.com.

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