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Dynamic Naked Audio MP3 Player

The Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas last January showcased literally dozens of new portable MP3 player designs coming out of Korea, Taiwan and China. One of the more innovative of these products comes from a Japanese company with the unlikely name, Dynamic Naked Audio Inc., or just "DNA" for short.

DNA PDA with Reader/Writer
and MMC

Called the Pocket Digital Audio player, or abbreviated to the "DNA PDA", this pocket-sized titan measures about 2-" high, 2" wide and a little more than " thick. Weighing about 30 grams (or roughly one ounce!), the DNA player is equipped with 2 MMC (Multi-Media Card) slots that presently accept either 16MB or 32 MB cards.


The DNA showing it's Slots


 DNA PDA Player

  - Comes with two 16 Mb MMC
  - 2 slots for MMC
  - holds up to 64 Mbytes
  - 1 hour playing time
     with 128 Kbps play rate
  - Signal/Noise Ratio: 85 dB
  - Battery: 1 AAA
  - Play time: about 4 hours
  - Interface Port to PC:
     via Reader/Writer craddle
     used to "recharge" music to
     to memory cards  

   Physical Specs:
  - measures 2.25"h x 2.0"
  - weighs 1 ounce

  - MMC Reader/Writer craddle
     connecting to PC (parallel)
  - Headset (ear buds),
  - Cable to connect to PC
  - Install CD with Jukebox s/w

  Price: about $170
  Available:  Yes

Because of its small size, the player requires an external MMC Reader/Writer (see picture down right) device to transfer MP3 data files - via a 25-pin parallel port cable - from your computer to the media card. The cards are then inserted into the player.

The player's equalizer supports three modes: rock, pop and jazz. The sound quality of the unit we tested was extremely good, especially when taking into account the size and price of the unit.

Bottom line: the innovative design, the duration of recorded music and great price all serve to make this a hot product.

For further details on the product, visit DNA's site at www.dynamicnakedaudio.com

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