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Olympus Offers the Ultimate Personal Theater Experience

Update - Olympus started shipping a high-resolution version, the FMD-700 with a 800 x 600 pixel resolution in 2001. Another company stepped in since Sony left a vacuum after they stopped shipping their consumer goggles: Cy-Visor at www.personaldisplay.com. Their US partner is Personal Display Systems at www.personaldisplays.com

Eye-Trek FMD-150W
A number of you out there have probably purchased either an Aiwa, Panasonic, Pioneer, Sharp or Sony portable DVD player and are enjoying the benefits of a personal laptop cinema experience. One of the drawbacks of truly enjoying the movie presentation is the small screen size of these portable DVD players, when compared to watching a movie on either your home entertainment system or even a standard television screen.

Well, Olympus has come up with a cutting-edge solution that provides an absolutely awesome viewing experience. Called the "Eye-Trek" FMD-150W, these personal entertainment "goggles" give you a wide-screen image which can be compared to watching a 62" screen from a distance of 6- feet.

The emphasis here is really on the WIDE-SCREEN, 16:9 aspect ratio and the displays outstanding resolution. This is the space where technical design is used to elevate viewing experience to new hights. More about that in the review.

Interested in more, but not really wide-screen info from Olympus? Checkout the official Eye-Trek site supported from the German division of Olympus.


How to wear it

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  Olympus Eye-Trek FMD-150W

  Video System:
  Signal: NTSC

  Number of Pixels: 240,000

  Adjustments for color, contrast,
  brightness, tint, white balance,
  sharpness and 4 different display

  Stereo Surround Sound processing
  and bass-boost via built-in ear-

  Control Unit:
  Power: 110 Volt AC or optional
  Battery (a charger for the battery
  is needed)

  Glasses: approx. 3.8 ounces
  Control Unit: approx. 3.8 ounces

  Optional Accessories:
  - Visor Set, - rechargable Battery,
  - Battery Charger, - Leather Case,
  - 30' (10 m) cable.

  Price: $899


Eye-Trek in motion


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