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Tom Peters would like it - this is a WOW-Product

We had tried quite a few personal video display systems before we found the FMD-150W. They were all first generation products - all with a 4:3 display aspect ratio as we see it on a standard TV screen - and they are all great products.

The FMD-150W moves the viewer not just to a 2nd geneneration product, but into a whole new dimension.


Olympus Eye-Trek FMD-150W

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Features in sequence of importance:

- Wide-screen, 16:9
   LCD Display
- Higher Resolution
- Surround Sound Processing

Think Immersion - You are Part of the Action

The "goggles" accept a/v signals via standard a/v or S-video connectors as long as there are in the NTSC format.

We fed the unit with a variety of images from television, DVD players, Laserdisc players, a laptop computer (with video-out signal), and VCR's. The DVD images were the most impressive and wherever we showed this "demo-bundle" it triggered "wow's from teens to seniors. Note: don't use the glasses for word processing on your laptop, its for movies only!

Weighing in with a little less than 4 ounces, the "Eye-Trek"goggles are lightweight and comfortable to wear even with glasses and through a three-hour movie. Adjustments are easily made and accommodate glasses as well.

Audio is pumped into your ear channels in surround sound format and with bass boost. The sound experience is adequate, considering the set of small ear buds that are clipped to the ends of the side frame pieces during transport.

As a result, watching a movie like "Air Force One", "Tomorrow Never Dies", or "The Matrix", a truly enrapturing environment is created (which simply can't be really explained until experienced!) We have never heard so many "wows" and "amazing" during product tests. We literally "lost" people within minutes watching certain action sequences in the above mentioned movies, which might explain a password feature when the device is switched on, and a warning for wearers younger than 15.

We even took it on a family field trip taping a college football game since the control unit (see picture above) accepts camcorder batteries (more wows)! While the remote-controlled camcorder was mounted up high on a tripod we watched the image through the goggles. Sure enough we raised the eye-brows of some of the by-standers and by handing the Eye-Trek over for a "test ride" we heard the all so familiar "wow" and "amazing".

Closing Comments:
The Olympus FMD-150W Eye-Trek is clearly the best choice for the movie buff today. It's the wide-screen image and the outstanding resolution that sells this device. And since this is the only wide-screen goggle available, there is no real comparison with other products possible.

There are different personal entertainment goggles on the market:
the Sony PLM-A35 (2nd release just intro'ed at the CES2000, looking like the Olympus and replacing the A55 model "Glasstron" goggles), the Canon GT-270, the Olympus FMD-100 and 200, and the Olympus FMD-150W, of which only the Sony and the Olympus FMD-150W are available in the US.

Priced at about $899.00, this personal home theater will allow you to crank up the bass and watch your favorite movie while your significant other - parked next to you - snoozes away.

So where can you buy one?
Send us e-mail about what you think about this review, whether we answered all of your questions, and/or where to get one of these.

PS: In the coming weeks we will tell you about a bundle package - an audio product you might consider experiencing together with the FMD-150W.


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