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Updated: January 21, 2013

There is a whole industry out there to keep us gadgeteers happy. But there are many ideas that have to find their way into an Engineering Lab, get build and marketed.
Anybody interested to go the distance and put a sticker on these products that reads, "Designed in the U.S.A. Manufactured in China." - or "Conceived in California. Made in China."?
Just Do It - and remember: You read it here first.

Here is a list of gadgets we are still waiting for:

  • iPhone App - Turns the iPhone into a Webcam. Resolution/compression is either autoselected or manually adjustable.

  • iPhone App and attached Transmitter. Shown at the WWDC Apple in '09 showed a transmitter that connected the iPhone to a Glucose Meter. Measured blood sugar values would be saved in the related iPhone app and could be emailed to your doctor... Where is it?

  • Car Unlocking with your Phone - A little black box that can be installed in your car and that unlocks its door when you are a few feet away. It uses your Bluetooth signal from your cell phone to identify you.

  • House Unlock - Same idea as above described for a car. Your Bluetooth enabled phone becomes your house key. Challenge here is to get it to work with many of the electric/digital door locks.

  • BlueLock - Your Bluetooth enabled phone becomes the key to your PC. When you walk away your PC will lock itself and unlock when you come back within a range of 10 feet. We had it working 6 years ago but there weren't enough Bluetooth-enabled phones and PCs with built-in BT around. "Keycard" in the Apple Appstore? Not there yet but close.

  • USB Remote Temperature Reader - a USB dongle that has a 433 MHz receiver and decoder built-in and that can read those remote temperature and humidity sensors (those that are sold by Oregon Scientific and others.) Temp is displayed on your screen by a software Widget (Apple). Optionally the data could be provided to the national weather service as real-time info. Just imagine the amount of real temperature data that would become available for their weather modeling and simulations ...

  • iPhone to Car Computer Plug-in interface.

  • A Car Rear View Camera (RVC) interface that plugs into an iPhone. When you put your car in reverse it powers up the camera which in turn starts up the RVC app in the iPhone.

For the Big Guys

Cordless Phone Manufacturers
We could not find it, so here we go: We'd like to "plug" our cell phone into a cordless phone base when we come home. That base has 3 "slave" phones. And when the cell rings the base will make all the other phones ring - just like it does today... And to top it off: the cell should 'plug-in" to the base automatically via Bluetooth and lay on a pad that charges it wirelessly.
(first added 8/20/09)

Samsung TV Division - Just give us a Monitor!

Please guys - give us a 52" LCD/LED Monitor. Basically strip the TV version of what you have today and make it a Monitor. Without the tuner - we don't use since we have TiVo or cable; without the PIP that only works with the tuner - what a joke; without the touch switches - because they fail; without the input source switch - that is too slow and doesn't allow direct switching to a specific source. Give us all the inputs you have today but we need really only 1 (one) HDMI input ! Aaah, and add a Display Port.

Get ready Apple! In case these TV makers can't deliver - re-invent the TV experience for us.

All TV Manufacturers - Auto Switch Picture Size based on received Resolution
Is there anything more annoying than having to switch the picture size every time the broadcaster switches from 16:9 to 4:3 ?
Find a way - you are doing it in Europe!

Any ideas you want to put on the List? Send us an email.

Done already!

  • External PC Hard Drive that grows in capacity when you needed and protects your data at the same time. Tech specs: device has ability to aggregate the capacity of multiple HD drives that are plugged into it and does present the total disk space as a single volume to the PC. In addition uses a Raid concept to protect the data. Drives are hot-swappable allowing to replace defective drives with bigger, new drives without loss of data. LED array show user how "full" the unit is.
    Conceived and prototyped by ConnectionLabs in early 2005.
    A device like this is sold today by Data Robotics under the name "Drobo."
    (Footnote: ConnectionLabs failed to raise funds in late 2005 when it became known that Data Robotics was working on the same idea.)

  • HDD Array Controller Chip Architecture that enables the same concept as described above.
    Conceived by ConnectionLabs in early 2005.
    Realized in the Silicon Image Stealvine HDD Controller line in 2007 after the key engineer left ConnectionLabs in late 2005 to work for SI. One version of it is used in the Tivo Series II DVRs that allows users to connect and external disk drive to the unit.



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