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Garmin's wide range of GPS receivers include leading products for marine, automobile, private aviation and handheld outdoor (eTrex) use. One of the more innovative, newer products from Garmin is the eMap, short for "Electronic Map," a 12 parallel channel GPS receiver with an extra-high face display for showing a high level of map detail.

Designed to be used in conjunction with Garmin's complete line of downloadable MapSource™ CD-ROM's (including the "U.S. Roads and Recreation," "United States TOPO," "World Map," and "MetroGuide U.S.A." CD-ROM's), the device can store either 8 or 16 megabytes of downloaded CD-ROM information at a time depending upon the size of the memory cartridge used (the unit does not come with either the mapping software or any of the cards). Note: You need these pieces. Without it, the eMap does not "play at full speed."

Once downloaded, this information provides street-level map detail, lake and river shorelines, nautical navaids, topographic elevation information, hiking and snowmobile trails, addresses, listings of nearest restaurants, hotels, and many more features of interest. Topo maps are available too.

Without downloading from the various CD-ROM packages, the eMap still provides an internal basemap that contains an incredible degree of information on North and South America including state and country boundaries, lakes, rivers, streams, airports, cities, towns, coastlines, and U.S. and state highways.

The eMap incorporates a 500-waypoint capability (in 50 routes, with up to 50 points each) along with Garmin's proprietary TracBack™ saved track feature, which allows the user to "back navigate" on saved tracks.

The internal track log holds 2000 track long points, plus ten saved tracks. The 4-level high-resolution gray scale display allows for screen width scaling from 500 feet to 3,000 miles. Standard map page information displayed by the unit includes a direction pointer, speed, time, distance to go, time to go, and trip distance. The built-in trip computer provides key information such as trip odometer, moving average, moving time, overall average speed, maximum speed, and total time. GPS receiver update rate is one second, continuous.

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Garmin's eMap

- 500 Waypoints
- Auto Track log
- Reversible route
- Current speed, average
  Trip Timer, Trip Distance

- weighs 6.7 ounces
- 5.5" x 2.4" x 0.8"    (HxWxD)
- LCD: 2.2" x 1.7" (HxW)
- 12 parallel channel
- single hand operation
- Ops-Temp: 5 to 158F

Powered with 2 AA's the run time is about 12 hours.

Price for the eMap Unit:  
   Street Price about $200
    8 MB Memory      $95
    16 MB Memory   $140

Price for the eMap Deluxe
  Street Price about  $330
   Kit includes the unit plus:
   - MapSource S/W
   - 8 MB card
   - PC cable 

Available:  now

Where to buy:

Check out the Garmin Web site.

A 12-volt adapter cable is included for plug-in with a standard electrical outlet. This is an incredibly versatile GPS device designed to be used in the car, in the boat, or outdoors on the hiking trail.

For further information, specifications, accessories, visit the Garmin Web site.


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