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Intrigo Lapstation

The Ultimate in Portable Work Surfaces for the Professional on the Go.

"Innovation comes in many shapes, sizes, technologies and concepts. Here's the first gadget on our site with no batteries or chips!" Well - that was the story in 2000. Intrigo closed its doors sometime in 2004. Even searches on the web do not show any more devices out there anymore. We'll take it to the gadget product archives.

One of the most creative products to emerge from the International Consumer Electronics Show 2000 in Las Vegas in early January is a non-electronic accessory developed to address the need for a transportable work surface that can be set up literally anywhere. Targeted for the mobile professional who likes to pull out his laptop and work "on the fly," the Intrigo Lapstation Series comprises three distinct models which unfold to provide an ample work surface for your laptop computer and other work accessories.

The Lapstation Series combines incredible style, versatility and durability to provide the ultimate in work convenience.

The work surface of the Lapstation Series easily accommodates any laptop computer, along with other typical accessories that a professional "road warrior" may take with him or her.
Eight mounting holes are built into the surface of the Lapstation, which allow for mounting accessories such as a task light, paper holder, and cup holder. The design is a result of a collaboration between product inventor Maxim Weitzman of Intrigo, RKS Design Inc. - an award-winning product development firm located in Thousand Oaks, California - and Peerless Injection Molding, Inc. of Torrance, CA.


Intrigo Lapstation


  Intrigo Lapstation

  Primary Target Customers:
  - Mobile Professionals
  - College Students

Three models are available:
    - B1, B2 and B3

  Open (unfolded) work surface:
    25.3-inches by 16-inches
  The closed unit:
    16 by 12.6 X 3.8-inches

  Weight: 5.9 pounds.

  Fast-Action grips allow users
  to both release and adjust the   Lapstation's legs for incremental
  heights ranging from a minimum
  of 10-inches, to a maximum of

    B1       $99
    B2     $139
    B3     $189

April 2000.


Intrigo unfolded
Two mesh pouches, affixed to the legs of the product, provide convenient storage space for disk media, highlighters, pens, adhesive note pads, and other miscellaneous utility items. The Station is also equipped with shock-absorbing rubber feet that provide stability to the work surface, and protect any surface on which the Lapstation is placed from scuffs and scratches.

The three models are differentiated by means of how wrist support is provided, along with different body finishes and mesh pouch options. The Lapstation B1 employs medium density neoprene pads to provide comfortable wrist support and comfort during typing breaks, with a dark blue body and no side leg mesh pouches. The B2 comes in either a translucent aqua or smoke body, with the medium density neoprene wrist pads and side leg mesh pouches. The deluxe B3 version incorporates a titanium finish body with gel-filled pads for optimum wrist support, and the two side leg mesh pouches.

For more information, visit the Intrigo website at www.intrigo.com.

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Last updated: 29-Jan-2005

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