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Cover all your MP3 Bases

Product Category: Internet Appliance

Combine the hardware from a well-known company that wants to be at the techno-edge again with the innovative software [approach] of Be Inc., and we might finally see a Net-PC (sorry, Web Appliance) for the home.

The iRad Base Station

Straight from the DV Design Studio (DV = Darth Vader) it plays CDs, MP3 CDs, and more. Add stereo speakers and you have a nice book shelf system for the home or dorm.

iRad complete

And for the folks who want to add MP3 capability to their entertainment system at home, here is a unit for your rack that gives you all the features of the iRad, though sans FM-radio:

The iRad-C

To get the full picture, go to the Audioramp.com site.
Real specifications are scarce, but the site just came up a few weeks ago... Sorry iRad folks, that is no excuse.
We will expand our intro when more data and the hardware becomes available.

Availability: in June     (audioramp takes orders)
Price:            $399

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