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Kodak's adding GPS Data to Pictures

Product Category: Digital Camera  (with Add-ons)

Is this for the Pro or Everybody who wants more "information"?

Kodak is adding GPS data together with time and date to pictures taken with these cameras. Using DIGITA-Script™ Kodak calls this system "the next generation of GPS".

The DC260

Here is the trick: the actual GPS data set is determined by a Garmin GPS III Plus or Garmin GPS III, that is connected to the camera via a cable. That might answer the question of who the target customer is? The Pro's like land surveyors and archiologists.
I wouldn't exclude hardcore gadgeteers, though: trekker, skippers, hikers, mountain biker. The stored data can also later be downloaded into your mapping software.

Price for the GPS-Interface Kit (w/o camera and/or Garmin GPS):    about $380



Last updated: May 18, 2000

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