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The Ultimate Boater's Gadget

The KVH Marine Navigation Datascope

While GPS units are today essential equipment for the fully equipped boater, there are still times when you need accurate ranges and bearings to derive a precise location or distance to a closing object.

KVH Industries' Marine Navigation DataScope is exactly the instrument to have in the charthouse or cockpit to address this need.


More stable and versatile than a standard set of binoculars, the DataScope combines a 5x30 monocular, a highly accurate digital compass, an electronic rangefinder and a chronometer all within one watertight, handheld device. You never have to take your eyes off of your target because the digital information is superimposed on the scope's field of view. Just locate a target through the crosshair, point and shoot! The digital compass is internally gimbaled through 20 for a phenomenal 0.5 accuracy in all conditions.

The DataScope stores 9 bearings in memory, so there is no longer the need to fumble for paper and pencil to copy down bearings. Bearings can be displayed in either True or Magnetic compass reading, and the instrument can calculate any change between bearings taken.

A patented electronic rangefinder, which uses known heights and relative size to compute the range of an object, allows for the virtually instantaneous display of distance. Also incorporated in the device is a quartz crystal chronometer that displays time of day and stores the time at which each bearing has been taken. This, in turn, allows the instrument to compute time differences between consecutive bearings.

The DataScope takes 3 lithium batteries (included in the kit) which should last 12 to 18 months under normal use. A backlit LCD display allows the user to read measurement units, time, and other displayed data under darkened conditions. At present, the DataScope is not manufactured with a night vision capability.

Suggested retail price is $445.

Further information on the DataScope can be found at www.kvh.com.





Last updated: March 30, 2000

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