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MP3 networked - The Ultimate Jukebox from LANSONIC

80 Gig of MP3 audio = 1250 hours at 128 Kbyte. How do you do that and do you control it?

How:     with a LANSONIC Digital Audio Server.
Control: with your web browser

The DAS-750

Introduced at the CES 2000 last January here is the ultimate in music management. It just looks like on of your other home entertainment system modules. But it is a completely different animal. Will Audiofiles accept a MP3 machine in their setup? We will see. If you are running your music "files" through tubes, probably not. However, for all of us with more than 100 (?) CDs and/or old LPs, listen up and take note - this is what you want for instant access and archiving, and more, and more...

For the Technifile's appetite here is how it works:

Wire-up your house and setup a network that now includes your entertainment system - and the box will take inputs from any analog source up to your PC and the Internet.

For details we refer you to the LANSONIC site. We will get you availability and pricing for the box.

Availability:  TBA
:           TBA


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