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Funny Name for a practical "Animal"


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Shaun Jackson had a brilliant idea. How about designing a laptop case you can use on your lap as well? Sometimes a simple idea turn out to be the most brilliant solutions.

Unfold the case over your lap, lift the cover of your laptop, and compute securely.

Suede strips keep the case stable on your legs or on an airline tray.

Rubberized interior surface prevents your laptop from slipping. Saddlebags hold cabling, wires, disks, your cell phone. A document pocket under the laptop is big enough for a reasonable amount of paper.

For further information, specifications, and more, visit the Herman Miller site.

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For the Mobile Gadgeteer
Bring the Lapdog

- All-in-One Carry on
- Holds your Laptop
- Holds accessories
- folds up into a practical
  bundle with Laptop inside

Price:    $139.95

Available:  now

Where to buy:

Check out and buy at the
Herman Miller Store

Last updated: August 30, 2009

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