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Ericsson Communicator
Ericsson Bluetooth™ Headset
Ericsson MP3 Add-on
Ericsson Radio Add-on

 Communications Gear

Ericsson Unveils the First Multi-Functional Communicator Platform

At present, just a concept study. Ericsson is using this device as a prototype for the continuing development of new applications. Look for a commercially available example from Ericsson in the next 12 to 18 months.

Details:  Mobile telecommunications giant Ericsson unveiled the world's first true multi-functional communicator platform at this year's CeBIT 2000 Show in Hannover, Germany. Coined as a first-generation integrated mobile information device, it combines Internet browsing, messaging, imaging, mobile telephony, personal information management, and location-based applications and services.

The Communicator is configured to handle the latest mobile communications protocols, HSCSD (High Speed Circuit Switched Data) and GPRS (General Packet Radio Services), along with triple-band GSM (900/1800/1900 MHz) - which makes the device worldwide capable. Internet access is via either a WAP or HTML browser.

Equipped with both built-in Bluetooth™ and GPS chips, the device employs Bluetooth™ technology to connect wirelessly to a myriad of similarly configured appliances (like other phones, your PC, or the store you are standing in?!), while the GPS interface allows the unit to provide and receive information based upon geo-coordinates - to comply with regulations so that an emergency crew can find you.

An intuitive color touch screen allows for easy navigation, pen-input and handwriting recognition.

Palm and QUALCOMM - watch out!

Want to find out more about Bluetooth™ technology? Go here.

Ericsson Introduced a Bluetooth™ Cell Phone at the Fall Comdex '99

Here is the first real implementation of a Bluetooth™ app. A wireless connection between the phone unit and the headset, eliminating tangled wires.

Without knowing the real details yet - we wonder, whether one can take the incoming phone call by just pressing a button on the headset...

Motorola will start shipping a similar solution to be synchronized with the release of the movie Mission Impossible II. Check out the teaser trailer on the MI 2 site. Tell us if you can see it.

Ericsson MP3 Add-on for their Cell Phones Introduced at Telecom '99 - Just another concept?

Erricsson calls it the HPM-10 Attached to the bottom of Ericsson phones, it has 32 MByte of RAM for 32 minutes of listening in a Multimedia card. One can listen to MP3 audio and when a phone call comes in, the music fades away.

Availability:   Mid June
Price:     not released yet

The next logical question is, does it receive the MP3 files through the air? Do we really need a computer and an Internet connection?

A note to this - the Japanese telecomms are preparing to ship phones with built-in MP3 players in the second half of 2000. Here is the Swedish version of this concept. So the real question is, when we will see the wireless services (ATT, GTE, Sprint...) here in the United States supporting these devices?

FM-Radio Add-on for Cell Phone - Ericsson HPR-08

The HPR-08 is attached to the phone and you can listen to your favorite station. When a call comes in, it mutes the radio channel and switches over to the phone.

It has a model number (HPR-08). Does that mean we can actually buy it? Yes.

Availability:     now
Price:            about $ 59.95


  • Listen to music, news or sports in between calls

  • Includes StationScan and volume control

  • All the convenience of a portable handsfree radio

  • Frequency band: 87.5-108 MHz

  • Mutes radio automatically when the call is received;

  • Releases mute when the call is ended

  • Full Duplex technology provides simultaneous two-way
       audio; prevents choppy conversations

  • Two earpieces provide enhanced voice clarity

  • Earpiece holder prevents cord from tangling when not in
       use Includes neoprene carying pouch for added convenience

  • Low current consumption leads to minimal battery drain

  • Compatible with 600/LX700/i888 series phones.

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