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All about the Mouse - From Mighty to Magic - this one's the Best
Posted: November 4, 2009

We had them all over the years. The "Puck" Mouse that came with the first iMac, the oval compro-Mouse - still with just one button, making Apple's insistence on a one-button, simple mouse a running joke within the group of Mac users, and then the Mighty. Finally - we had not just 2 but 4 buttons. It still had to look like a one-button mouse, though.

We guess it was the advent of "multi-touch" that may finally satisfy everybody - from the largest to the smallest stakeholder. Just like magic.

Form and Function
First there was just the design, pictures, the look and a video - recalling the images of architectural masterpieces. Was it just another form over function exercise of Apple's design group to please the one- and-only master. We had seen it before - and bought Microsoft mice instead. Well - a good thing takes time. Just look at the curves. More images here.

Magic Mouse Side View

A few days later we had it all: the look and the feel. It works - within a minute or two it was a BUY.
There isn't much more to the story. This Magic Mouse works as advertised.
It's a great piece of Design and Engineering.

We'll have to see how the battery life and the new shape holds up to the daily abuses of work, desktop surfaces, dust and dirt. It's "belly" it's an absolute low-flier and we have to see how the sled-like gliders on both sides hold up.
Apple added only a couple of multi-touch - swipes - to the configuration software. More to come in the next software release we guess. How can we say it best: "It had us with the scrolling!"

We'll keep you updated. But if you are looking for a new mouse and/or are eager to update your tool set - go for it. It's $69 and justifiable to keep the fun factor up.


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