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We are all waiting for it !
     ... The "Matrix" Phone

MAR-30-2000, APR-28-2000

We saw the phone, that ultimately became "The Matrix Phone", first in the movie trailer.

We all saw the movie. We all wanted it - that cool way to turn on and off this phone was as addictive as the movie itself!

Then Nokia annouced it (we thought): the 8860! It has the sliding keypad cover, but one had to slide it open!! It wasn't the real thing.

The rumors started: Yes, they have it in Europe and Asia; it's called the Nokia 7110.   Hot air again!?
Not exactly - see the 7110 on the side bar.

Here's the kicker:
It's only selling in Europe and Asia - Full feature set where service permits. Probably the reason why it's not available in the U.S. !!

So, guess who is adding it to it's line-up first.
Sprint? ATT? GTE?

Does anybody know more? Send us email and we will keep everybody in the loop.

The Matrix Movie
It's probably another 18 months before the sequel(s) hit the screen...(read about it on the Movie-Page web site).

Talking about movies. Go and rent "Brainstorm" .A 1982, sci-fi thriller with Natalie Wood. Communications took place via "acoustic couplers" and phones, and guess what - toward the end of the movie, they are using a black, boxy, metal phone that works exactly like the Matrix Phone!

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Scout Report:

Check out the new Nokia available in Europe since December.

    Nokia 7110

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