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A "Beauty" ... but only a Teaser!!

Product Category: Desktop Computing (but still luggable)

Seeing the display unit one asks "where's the box?" Think again, it's all behind the 15 inch active matrix LCD. By flipping the "stand" around onto the display, the keyboard fits right on to cover the rest of the LCD. It's a luggable desktop!
It features: cordless keyboard (mouse connected to keyboard), remote control ... for the built-in FM and TV-tuner, CD and enough memory and CPU power to drive all of this. By the time you read this a DVD drive is probably available.

This system is, what we consider, another WOW design and Apple Computer better watches out, if Sharp would decide to sell this great box in the U.S. - I
t shows that the color and translucency of a box can age really fast. Function over form is a good target in the design process for consumer goods, but creating something that get's the "thumbs-up" in both categories has become almost an art.

Now we just have to convince Sharp that their "beta test" in Japan is done and that we are waiting!

Availability:   in Japan only since May/June 1999
Price:            about $2,500

Need more data? Go to the Sharp/Mebius site or Tokyo. Sorry, either way Japanese language skills are required.



Last updated: April 14, 2000

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