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Phonex - Wireless Phone and Modem Extenders

Wireless Phone Jack
Who doesn't need an additional phone outlet somewhere else in the house?
This question becomes even more important to solve for all of those appliances that need "to call home" once a day, such as TiVo's Personal TV recorder or these satellite TV receivers. Except for those techies who placed a phone outlet in every room and/or close to the TV during the planning phase of their house, everybody else probably runs a cable through the family room for some time or weeks...

Here are two great solution for the "DIY'er" and everybody else with two left thumbs:

The Wireless Phone Jack does what it says - it provides an easy way to add phone outlets in the house or appartment. Just plug one into an 110V outlet near the phone and wire the phone cable through it. The other unit goes into any 110V outlet in the house and the phone plugs right into it. For all other devices check their data throughput requirements. Everything that needs less than 14.4K bps works with this Wireless Phone Jack. And don't plug it into a surge protector!

Data Speed
Wireless Phone Jack:  up to 14.4K bps

Phone Jack Price: $89.95 (Radio Shack)

The Wireless Modem Jack
For the more data hungry folks Phonex just recently started shipping a wireless version that serves the higher data throughput demands of the SOHO people: the Wireless Modem Jack.

Data Throughput
Modem Jack: up to 33.6K bps

Modem Jack: $99.95 (CompUSA, Fry's)

Both devices are available now. A 230V version is available for International markets.
The Phonex site provides a little more info on both products.



Last updated: April 11, 2000

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