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Let's "Talkabout" this One

Motorola Talkabout T6100

Product Category:
2-Way Comm  (with Add-ons)

While cell phones are integrating other features in the future (see our Ericsson page) the "Family Cell" communication devices have it today. Motorola's Family Radio Service (FRS) line got a great addition.

The Motorola team listened to customers and we bet took it's predecessors on a lot of (lonely) hikes.

The T6100 sets a new standard. Besides offering all of the useful and well-known features of the SLK models including 14 channels on the Family Radio Service band, 38 privacy codes, and a range of up to two miles, it features all the functions you always wanted to have with you and had to be carried in different packages - see side bar.

The TalkAbout T6100 is compact, lightweight, and easily portable. The radios can be powered with either alkaline or rechargeable batteries, and they feature up to 20 or 30 hours of battery life.

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Key Features

- Digital Compass
- Thermometer
- Altimeter/Barometer
- FM Stereo
- Battery Meter
- Auto Power off

- Accessory Jack
- Channel Scrambling
- Alarm Clock Timer
- Stopwatch

Comes in a variety of colors.

$129 to $179

Last updated: April 28, 2000

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