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Olympus Wows the Crowd Again with its PC Eye-Trek Monocular

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The heart of the device is a so-called "free-shaped optical prism," which combines a surface optical system and a special aspherical lens, and eliminates the bulky structure of a concave mirror and half mirrors employed in conventional head-mounted displays. By using the reflective LCD, the monocular power consumption is kept to a minimal 1.6 watts.

As developed, the PC Eye-Trek Monocular is designed for connection to a portable PC through GVIF (Gigabit Video Interface), a transmission method pioneered by Sony for sending digital information to a flat panel display via a single RGB signal wire. Tests conducted by Olympus to date have used a conventional TMDS connection to the PC, with a converter altering the TMDS signal to GVIF format for monocular viewing. The preferred configuration of "straight through" GVIF minimizes interconnections and makes the monocular well suited for a myriad of portable applications. Weighing only about 3.5 ounces, the PC Eye-Trek Monocular is slated for a wide range of uses ranging from pocket-size computers to next-generation PDA's. Stay tuned for more information on this amazing product as it continues to evolve.

As we might see this product only for industrial/business related applications, the technology of this high-res screen could "hit" us in a more entertainment oriented format by June 2000.
That's when Olympus plans to ship a competitor (?!) of the FWD-150W, the FMD-700 Eye-Trek.

We will keep you posted.

Screen Resolution: 800 x 600 pix

Availabilty: possibly January 2000!

Price: not set




Last updated: April 11, 2000

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