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E-Mail [almost] Everywhere
   ...any phone, cell, Europe, all!

The PocketMail concept conquers the Palm World.
Updated 09-09-02

Product Category:  Palm Accessories

PocketMail is around for quite a while now. To be exact, the first devices that were built specifically around and for the PocketMail architecture had been released by Sharp (TM-20) and JVC (HC-E100) for $99 and $149 in late 1998. Adapters for Palm devices up to the M-series are available.

Craddle" Module for the Palm III

The concept is simple: use a standard telephone - any phone around the world - and receive and send your email "in a flash".

Interesting, simple, and affordable approach for the Palm user to stay in touch.

For further information on how the PocketMail system works, visit PocketMail at www.pocketmail.com or go directly to their
Web store.


Key Features
- Toll-Free in the USA
- Digital/Analog Phone

- Adaptor and Software
   for Palm V, Vx available

$99.95 for Module
 $ 9.95 per month service
(check for updated pricing on the Pocketmail site.)

CompUSA, TigerDirect...

Picture shows the adaptor for the Palm V between the Palm V and the PocketMail Module


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