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A "Cube" of a different Kind

Product Category: Desktop Computing (and luggable)

Introduced a last years Fall COMDEX this amazing new version of a handheld flat panel computer is trying to carve its own niche into a challenging market. Just a few years ago, ATT shut the doors on a similar solution that was running on the GO OS. Let's hope that since then the advances in technology will make the "Cube" a viable and sustainable "tool" platform? Here are the facts:

It features: touch sreen with pen, digital camera on top of screen, optional card reader, USB, 1394, modem, IrDA, ... and enough memory and CPU power to drive all of this. The top-of-the-line Altus (available in the summer) will also come with a DVD drive, a Pentium III, and a 20Gig hard drive.

Availability:   Now
Price:            starting at about $2,500

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Last updated: April 14, 2000

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