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The RIM Wireless Handheld™
   ...could a Pager become a Palm?!

The "Always On" [Internet] Solution from RIM.

Product Category:  Wireless E-Mail

It's getting there. The potential is visible when we look at the design and dimensions. Palm and Handspring have to watch out.

The first version of the RIM was a Pager "on steroids", and some of you would still use that definition for the new "Blackberry" 957. (Pagers are so much the 90's!)

But start carrying it around and for those of us who need to be connected all the time, the 957's "Always On"
concept can become an addiction.

We are planing a full review of the 957 to be ready in a couple of weeks. And for the folks who already have one, feel free to drop us a note with your comments.

For further information, specifications, and how the service works, visit the RIM Web site.

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Key Features

- Wide reach in the Nation
- Optimized Keyboard
- Thumb operated Track
- Large, backlit LCD Screen
- no antenna

- Always On > no dial-in
- Organizer software


RIM 957  $499 
 Service from:
    $39.95 flat/month

Available:  now


Check out the RIM site

Last updated: May 3, 2000

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