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RoboMow to the Rescue! A little Help for the Yard.


Product Category:  House/Robotics

Who does not like it? That repetitive task of mowing the lawn every week. At work you automated everything you had to do more than twice - though the lawn is not a spreadsheet.
For the Gadgeteer who's in charge of certain chores around the house or garden, here is the perfect "killer app".

It cuts the lawn. It automatically recognize and avoid obstacles. Miniature electronic “brain” based on proprietary SharpScan™ technology. Bumper pneumatic sensors allow ROBOMOW™ to stop if it should hit an obstacle. Tilt sensors stop the motor when tilt angle exceeds 20 degrees.

Whisper-quiet operation lets you run it at any time - no more noise, gasoline, oil or dirt, no more upset neighbors. Environment-friendly mulching action-recycles lawn clippings and valuable nutrients. The robot mows in straight lines to produce a striped, manicured lawn.
A special tracking mode ensures that ROBOMOW™ trims the edges of the lawn.

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For "
fun" you could still use it in manual mode for easy and efficient mowing. Powered with two 12 V batteries, just place a guide wire round the edge of your lawn, and connect the wire to a small generator. Press the green button on the perimeter switch;this sends a smart electrical pulse through the wire, which signals ROBOMOW's™ computer controlled guidance system. ROBOMOW™ is easily moved from the garage to the lawn and back and the blade stops automatically if ROBOMOW™ is tilted while in action.

- Being "the first one on
   the Block to have a Robot!
- for lawns upto 5300
   square feet!
- recharges overnight
- Height of cut: 3/4 to 2"

RoboMow Package   $695
 Shipping $100


Available:  now

Where to buy:

Buy on the Michael Holigan Web site.

Last updated: May 24, 2000

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