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The yepp gets "Bigger"

Product Category: MP3 Player   (with Add-ons)

Is it a MP3, PDA, or Voice Recorder? No, its a PDE. Now what's that many may ask, but if you are "in" with the latest in acronym creation (*), you know it stands for "Personal Digital Entertainment".
It was only a question of time that other functions would be added to MP3 Players.

Yepp "PDE"

This "box" is smaller than a cigarette box (do we Californians still know what that is) and adds:
  - voice recording (sometimes used in business too)
  - contact database.

Since voice can be recorded in a good old fashined way, we are not quite sure how one would enter phone numbers and more. Doesn't Samsung also have a cell phone that works with voice activation?

Maybe something Samsung could add to this 2nd gen MP3. Here is the official feature list more the next version to come later this year:
  - FM-radio Tuner
  - digital still camera



Last updated: April 19, 2000

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