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Somebody's listening
   ... on command - Go! (Dial!)


The Samsung SCH 3500 gives us what we are missing in the StarTac

Product Category:
Cell Phone  (with Voice Recognition)

Samsung has eclipsed the competition with a truly remarkable lightweight dual-mode flip phone that incorporates a wide range of innovative features.

Incorporating speech recognition technology, the SCH-3500 responds to voice dialing commands for up to twenty of the 99 storable phone numbers. It also incorporates a Web access capability, which allows the user to log on and retrieve stock quotes, weather updates, sports scores, and truncated news reporting (headlines).

Equipped with a five-line graphic LCD (one icon line and four text lines), it likewise incorporates a "pager" feature to receive numeric and text messaging. Its menus are easy to use, and the phone keyguard function responds intelligently by locking the keys only when the phone flip is closed, thus alleviating the need to lock / unlock the keypad each time the phone is used.

Usage is an impressive 4 hours and 40 minutes in the talk mode, and more than ten days (250 hours) in the standby mode, when using the extended life battery. Charge time is approximately three hours for the extra-life battery.

Featherweight at 5.4 ounces, the SCH-3500 can be programmed with a wide choice of ringer sounds to differentiate types of inbound calls, such as for incoming telephone calls or text messages - for subscribers of a text messaging service. With an ultra-cool design and pleasing color finish options, Samsung is redefining the "leading edge" in the cellular phone marketplace today.


Key Features

- Digital/Analog Mode
- CDMA 1,900/800 MHz
- 199 Name Phone Book
- Speech Recognition
- Voice Controlled Dialing

- two color choices
- Voice Recorder
   (10 reminders - 8 mins.)

about $145 w/plan

For further information and where to buy, visit the MobileGadgets site, click on Cellular Phone Products and select Samsung, and go to the SCH3500 phone.

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Last updated: May 2, 2000

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