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SGI's Cinema Display
Posted 10/28/01
A Beauty for the Computer addicted Gadgeteer

Lucky are the ones who got one while they were available. Looks like SGI run out of them, finally.

Though it's still the best display out in the market - until Apple reduces the price for the 24" Cinema Display....

Here is last year's review of the SGI SW 1600.

While its stock performance in the recent past is certainly nothing to brag about, Silicon Graphics Inc. in Mountain View, California can boast that it still holds claim to the very best flat panel display manufactured anywhere in the world.

The SGI 1600SW is truly the desktop monitor (better change that to display), which all others strive to emulate. Presenting incredibly rich, fully digital graphics, the 1600SW active-matrix LCD Flat Panel features a 1600 x 1024 pixel true resolution - or about 25% more pixels than standard SXGA 1280 x 1024 monitors.

It also features the highest dot pitch (.23 mm size and 110 dpi) of any commercially available flat panel display, which renders razor-sharp graphic images.

True, 24-bit color, coupled with a 17.3-inch diagonal SuperWide screen format, provides the user with a visual experience unmatched in image quality, color consistency, range of colors, image stability, and, thanks to the LCD technology, no flicker, no EMF, low power consumption. Here is another, important great advantage: minimum space requirements on your desktop compared to any CRT-based monitor.

The super-wide aspect ratio of the 1600SW allows for two full-size pages to be displayed simultaneously, a real advantage for professional content creators, graphic artists, and engineers. The 1600SW, likewise, is the only flat panel monitor on the market today with adjustable white balance, an important capability for those involved in either desktop publishing or digital content creation.

SGI has included as part of the 1600SW product bundle a Number Nine Revolution IV-FP AGP or PCI digital graphic accelerator card which eliminates any translation of images from digital to analog in the PC, and incorporates 32MB of graphics memory for super-fast, high resolution 3D imaging. The power behind this video accelerator card comes from Number Nine's cutting edge 128-bit "Ticket to Ride IV" graphics chip, which includes such innovative features as trilinear filtered real-time texture mapping, anti-aliasing, transparency, and Phong lighting.

A few months ago, SGI introduced a nice addition to the pack: an adapter device that let's people connect analog signals to this super digital panel. Sells for $395 and has a 5 week backlog!

Go for it. It's a lot less than Apple's LCD Cinema Display that has the same resolution, though is 22" big! And goes for about $3,900. However, Apple is only sjipping it in bundles. One must add a $2,000 G4 Mac to it.

Working Experience
After working on one (1600SW, that is) for 4 months now, we do not want to switch back to a 20-inch CRT! Resolution, features and brightness are difficult to beat. What else can we say.

Are you interested in this product to a point where you would actually buy one? Tell us with an E-Mail to GadgetCentral.

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SGI 1600SW LCD Panel

  Screen Size:  17.3" diagonal
   It is not equivalent to a 19"
   CRT as SGI claims it. It's
   the cinema format that makes
   a comparision with a standard
   aspect ratio (4:3) CRT unfair.
    Important facts to know with
   a display like this are:
   - 14.6" x 9.3" (W x H)
   - 1600 x 1024 pixels, 110 dpi
   - refresh rate 60 Hz, so it's fast
     enough to watch movies on it.
   - NO Flicker (don't compare it
      with an old CRT!)
   - 16.7 million colors (24-bit)

  Screen Type:  TFT Active Matrix
   - anti-glare surface
   - Viewing Angle: 120° horizont.
      45°/-55° vertical

   110-240VAC, 50/60Hz
   - less than 30 Watts!! in
      operating mode       
   - 2.5 Watts in power
     saving mode

  PC Interface:  comes with choice
   of either PCI or AGP card.

   was about $1,495 from SGI

   Unit is no longer available



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