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Suunto Wrist Computers

The Advizor
The Altimax
The Navitec
The Vector
The X-Lander

Wrist Gear for the Extreme Sports Crowd

For those of you who enjoy pushing the limits in your athletic pursuits, Suunto Corporation of Espoo, Finland has a full line of water resistant wrist-wearable gadgets (what Suunto refers to as "wristop computers") that cover a wide range of timepiece and computational functions. All five devices within the line (Advizor, Altimax, Navitec, Vector and X-Lander) are of robust design, with large, easy-to-read digital displays.

Here are the details:

The Advizor

The Advizor is the top-of-the-line, all-purpose cross-training piece, which incorporates:
 - a heart rate monitor for confirming
   maximum, minimum and average heart
   rates during a training session.
 - an internal altimeter (good to 29,500 feet)
 - barometer that allows you to measure
   vertical ascents/descents,
 - a digital compass,
 - all the standard watch features you'd
   expect from a digital time piece.

Compass Features:  The digital compass uses a bubble level to ensure accuracy. Bearing information is displayed in degrees and cardinal and half-cardinal points. A bearing tracking function displays a locked bearing, the actual bearing, and the difference between these declination adjustments.

Heart Rate Functions:  The Advizor combines related measurements with your heart rate data to give an overall picture of your physical exertion level against a pre-set target heart rate. An audible alarm is built in and alerts the wearer of exceeding either upper or lower heart rate limits. The heart rate data are received from an optional Polar Electro® Heart Rate Transmitter Belt, a lightweight, chest-mounted waterproof belt. This belt transmits the wearer's heart rate signal wirelessly to the Advizor wristop computer.

A Watch too:  Finally, the watch function comprises the following capabilities: time, day and date, a stopwatch, a countdown timer, and three programmable daily alarms.


Availabilty: Now

Price: about $269 and $299 for the Advizor/heart rate transmitter belt bundled package

The Altimax for the ski and
                                              snowboard cowd

Altimax is targeted for the ski and snowboard crowd. Combining the standard altimeter and barometer functions found on the Advizor, this device measures altitude and pressure differences to provide "single-button" access to vertical ascent/descent data and computes the number of runs skied or snowboarded. A dual time display feature is also present.

Price:   $179

The Navitec for the jogger

The Navitec model is targeted for the daily runner and focuses on chronograph functions such as a stopwatch for lap and split-time measurements, storage for up to 99 laps, and split times for up to 99 runs.

The compass functions of the Advizor are present, including display of bearings, cardinal and half-cardinal points, and bearing tracking and declination adjustment features. Navitec also includes the dual time function found on Altimax.

Price:   $165

The Vector for the hiker

The Vector is the best selection for the weekend hiker and general outdoor enthusiast. Combining all of the standard altimeter, barometer and compass features found in the above wristop computers, it comes in three colors: yellow, black and green.

As a measure of the excitement that this particular model has generated, the Vector was awarded the prestigious European Outdoor Award "Product of the Year" for 1999/2000 by a joint awards committee of European outdooring magazines.

Price: $199.

The X-Lander for the extreme

Finally, the X-Lander takes the Suunto wristop computer line to a new level of robustness and durability. Designed for either extreme sports enthusiasts, rock climbers or other on-the-edge athletes, this model combines all of the features of the Vector in a rugged, high-tech, stylish aluminum casing. The X-Lander also incorporates a mineral crystal glass, carbon fiber back and weatherproof leather wristband to ensure long life and wear in the most demanding of environments. MSRP is

Price:  $299

More details and where to get those watches are at Suunto's Web site.



Last updated: April 7, 2000

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