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CES 2000 - Gadget Mecca   (Feb-15-2000)

While the life and workstyle of the "Las Vegan's" not really matches with the CES2000 mantra (Your source for Lifestyle and Workstyle technology), Vegas sure has the facilities, the organization and the systems able to move a lot of people from one place to another. And this infra structure was needed, if one wanted to cover the sprawling CES locations in just four days.

Enough small talk. Let's talk "big", about gadgets, gizmos, and gear:

MP3 players were again a big rave. We gave up counting when we reached 50. Highlights here were:

  • wristband players from Casio (shipping in April) and Panasonic (ETA just before X-mas.)
  • the "rome" MP3 player that fits into your cassette unit at home or in the car.
  • other MP players that allow you to practice your karaoke skills (and present on the spot).
  • and, of course, Sony's Music Clip finally arrived.

More really new Products we will feature on this site in the near future:

  • Sonic Box - InterNet Radio
  • 3D for your home movies - for the explorer and pioneer.
  • CyberGenie - A smart, voice activated phone system for the SOHO,
  • AirMagic - wireless headset for your cell phone,
  • Motorola - a headset using the wireless, Bluetooth protocol, integrated with a cell phone. No more data available yet until the Mission Impossible II movie comes out!! Check out the teaser trailer. Those glasses, Tom-Ethan is wearing, will be a fast seller in the coming summer.
  • PowerPack - a 15 hour battery for your laptop,
  • and more... soon.


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