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Automotive Voice Dialer (AVD)

Your Wish is my Command

The need to keep both eyes on the road and both hands on the steering wheel is recognized by the National Transportation Safety Board as the most reliable way to prevent getting into a crunch with another driver on the freeway. Now it's the police that will stop you, if they see you holding your link to the outside world to your ear.

However, in our all too busy lives, it usually happens that we are trying to conduct that important bit of business by cell phone while weaving in and out of traffic.

Priority Tech Inc. of Fremont, California has now come to your rescue with the Voice Magic Plus Automotive Voice Dialer (or AVD, for short). This handy package enables drivers to dial or answer cellular phones solely by voice commands.

The total package consists of three components: (1) an integrated dashboard-mounted docking cradle for your cellular phone which includes a built-in answering machine and digital voice-memo recorder (2) an IR Remote Control Programming keypad (3) a dashboard- or over head mounted IR receiver and microphone connected to the base station.

7 in One Features
1 - Voice Dialing
2 - Automatic Receive
3 - Answering Machine
4 - Memo/ Digital Recorder
5 - Battery Charger
6 - Battery Saver
7 - Cell holder

The answering machine lets you record up to 20 minutes of incoming messages while the built-in voice-memo recorder enables the capture of valuable ideas on the road with a minimum of driver distraction. The internal library holds up to 96 voice-dial phone numbers in two banks.

The Voice Magic Plus AVD is scheduled for product release at the end of February 2000. Anticipated MSRP is $199.

Last updated: March 30, 2000

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Voice Magic Plus

  Base Station:
  Built-in speakers. Holds 96 voice
  dial numbers. Accommodates
  Ericson 500 and 600 series, and
  Nokia 5100 and 6100 series
  phones. Fits into the cigarette
  lighter outlet for power.

  Remote Control:
  Lets you control all functions of
  the base station.

  Can be mounted up to 6 feet
  away from the base station.

  Price: about $199



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