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Weave Innovations StoryBox
              - not just
for family pictures

We are just now at the sunrise of a whole raft of "Post-PC" era devices and Internet appliances which will change the way in which we communicate, exchange data, work, enjoy entertainment and, simply, experience life. One of the products which epitomizes this new revolution in technology was unveiled a few weeks back at the Demo 2000 Technology Conference in Indian Wells, California.

Developed by Weave Innovations of Santa Clara, the StoryBox is, in essence, a digital picture frame for the 21st Century. The StoryBox comprises an electronic picture frame (termed the "StoryBox Connected Frame") that integrates memory, a digital photo-ready 6.4-inch diagonal active-matrix color display screen, and an Internet-ready modem.

There is no requirement for an interface with a PC; simply connect the frame to a standard Internet outlet (phone line/DSL connection, cable modem or network connection) and it will continuously display up to 36 pictures as either stills or in a slide show format. Similar to the earlier technology Sony CyberFrame digital picture viewer, the StoryBox also can display images from memory cards taken directly out of your digital camera.

The innovative backbone which makes this all possible is termed the "StoryBox Network." With the press of the "SHARE" button on the StoryBox picture frame, owners can direct and send digital images to other StoryBox Connected Frames around the world, so that grandma or grandpa can see the same pictures as you have displayed. With the push of a second button, the frame can switch from displaying digital images to viewing informational channels covering categories such as weather, traffic reporting, sports, entertainment, financial and world news.

To date, Weave Innovations has signed agreements with The Weather Channel, Traffic Station, CBS SportsLine, E! Online, and MSNBC to provide the delivered content. Finally, StoryBox allows you - through an alliance that Weave Innovations has with Kodak - to order prints directly through the frame.

Availability: August to End of Summer 2000
: $299
Service fees: $3 to $9/month (*)

For further information, visit Weave at www.storybox.com.





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